jeudi 19 mai 2011


Je suis arrivé hier à Longreach après plus de 1300 km pédalés. Ce matin, je suis allé visiter le musée des fondateurs de Qantas, la compagnie aérienne australienne. C’est dans cette région isolée qu’est née la compagnie il y a 90 ans. J’ai eu l’occasion de faire une visite guidée d’un Boeing 747 à la retraite et aussi d’un Boeing 707 qui date de 1959 et qui est toujours apte au vol, il a appartenu en dernier à un prince arabe et l’intérieur est aménagé luxueusement.

I arrived in Longreach yesterday after more than 1300 km cycled. This morning, I visited the Qantas founders museum. It is in this isolated region that the airline was born some 90 years ago. I attended a guided tour of a decommissioned Boeing 747 and also of a Boeing 707 who was delivered in 1959 and that is still valid for flying, his last owner was an arab prince and the inside is luxurious.

De nombreux vieux engins sont exposés le long de la rue principale d’Ilfracombe.

Many old machines are exposed along the main street in Ilfracombe.

Des émeus.


Pause à l’ombre.

I have a break in the shade.

Vieil avion au musée de Longreach.

Old plane in the museum of Longreach.

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Michael a dit…

Hi Pascal

Great work, I like the bilangue,

Let us see some pics of you to see your tan.

Do you have a map of your intended route and approximate dates.


Pascal a dit…

Hi Michael (and family)
I'll try to find someone to take a picture of me.
I was thinking of having a map of the route but I need to find the time to search for that.
If you know of a site where I can do that, please email me.